From Rachel:

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising. In fact, quite the opposite! Exercise in pregnancy is proven to have huge benefits for both mum and baby.

And for those mamas who have already delivered a little one, I can help you get back into exercise safely.

I’m a pre and post natal qualified coach. I love working with women before, during and after pregnancy. I’ve been qualified for three years and have two qualifications in pre and post natal exercise. The clients I work with are at all stage of pregnancy from the first weeks through to delivery / due date. And after delivery, from as early as 6 weeks post birth.

At a time when your body is changing so much, it’s great to have someone to support you and to ensure you’re exercising safely and effectively. There are changes you’ll need to make to your workouts and important things to learn about your body.

Some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy include:

Improve mood and alertness

Limit excessive weight gain

Reduce risk of incontinence

Limit swelling

Reduce risk of, or limit, pain in the pelvis and hips

Maintain strength and fitness

Better recovery from pregnancy and delivery

Improve physical stamina for delivery

Optimise birth weight of baby

Lower risk of pregnancy induced diabetes

Lower risk of preeclampsia (high blood pressure)

Please get in touch if you are interested in training, whether you are:

Preparing for pregnancy

Currently pregnant (any stage)

Recently had a baby


My contact details: rachel@thefithouse.co.uk or 07817107314