Road to Health – the results

Road to Health – the results

January was an exciting month at The Fit House. We launched our very first nutrition programme “Road to Health” with some amazing results. The programme was 4 weeks long. It included:

– four nutrition and health seminars available both online and in person

– a prescribed nutrition framework for participants which developed over the four weeks

– four outdoor bootcamp sessions

The results were fantastic and we had great participant feedback. Most importantly, everyone has a better understanding of how to eat for health and long term results!

Feedback on the programme

“I have seen rapid and visible results. I’m educated and empowered from a nutrition perspective” – 2019

“it’s really working for me!” – 2019

“It has actually changed our eating habits and truthfully, vegetables have never tasted so good.” – 2019

“It had significant improvements on both our body shapes” – 2019

Next programme

We’re looking forward to running the next Road to Health programme towards the summer, watch this space for the next one!