Physiotherapy with Whitson Wellness

Physiotherapy with Whitson Wellness

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Whitson Wellness. Matt Whitson will be offering physiotherapy services at The Fit House, starting with online consultations during the coronavirus lockdown. It’s very exciting to have Matt join the team!

Matt brings a wealth of experience and is committed to helping clients return to training pain free. He can assist with a range of injuries. In particular he brings experience in professional sport and lower limb rehab. He also has experience in treating young athletes with a view to building a strong base for them to continue to grow and perform pain free long term.

If you are currently suffering with an injury, we highly recommend that you book in a consultation with Matt so that he can asses and then give you some advice on how to relieve & treat it.

From tomorrow, Matt will be bringing us a series of injury prevention advice to help you stay stay pain free during training. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more. We start with the foot & ankle tomorrow!

Our ethos at The Fit House is to build a fit, healthy community and to do this it’s important that you have access to trusted healthcare advice and providers.

Watch Matt’s introduction video below here!


Matt is offering Fit House clients a FREE 15 minute online consultation until 30th April 2020. You can book this by getting in touch with us on 07817 107314 or

More info can be found at:

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