Nutrition is the real key to unlocking your goals…whether that is health, weight loss, fat loss or performance.

Road to Health

Join our Road to Health nutrition programme.

This 4 week group nutrition programme is a perfect way to help reset your diet and health. Road to Health will help you build a healthy diet and develop sustainable eating habits to keep you and your family in better shape and health. Get support and motivation from our team and other participants.

This is not a diet, this is eating real food for health and lifestyle.

It includes:

1 x weigh in

4 x weekly seminars

on nutrition, training and lifestyle

Recipes and menu ideas

Shopping lists

4 x passes to any group classes at The Fit House

1 x weigh out

Cost: £39.99

Dates: Saturday 5th January – Saturday 2nd February

Sports performance

Proper nutrition is a crucial part of sports performance. Just as you would properly fuel a race car, you need to fuel your body to perform at its best.

Choosing the right type, amount and timing of foods, fluids and supplements is key to performance. If you are an athlete looking for advice and support in ensuring your nutrition supports your next race or game, come and see us for a nutrition consultation.