Client of the month – Martin

Client of the month – Martin

Many of you know Martin! You may also have seen that he’s made some huge progress since starting at The Fit House. After a wake up call about his health towards the end of 2018, Martin needed to improve his health and drop some weight.


He seems to like us, as he is in the gym most days of the week now – sometimes twice a day. Luckily we rather like him too. We’re so proud of what he’s achieving that we wanted to let you (and him) know why he’s our first client of the month for 2019. Read Martin’s story.

There was an important reason that you started training, can you explain?

I had noticed over the last few years my weight had gradually increased and something needed to be done. This was compounded by my company benefits (death in service) being restricted until I successfully passed a medical. I was at a weight that I knew a medical was only going to deliver bad news and I had to make some changes. The icing on the cake was that my brother-in-law is due to get married in April….and I don’t want to be the fat one!!!

You said to us that you’ve made more progress in 5 months with The Fit House than you have in the past five years. What’s different this time?

I love the idea of exercise and getting fit – but my motivation to sustain an exercise programme (e.g. spinning / running) always seems to drift. The group approach at The Fit House and especially the encouragement of Rachel and Frazer has kept me on the
straight and narrow this time! I enjoy the classes and the variety of activities keeps me interested and motivated to attend on a regular basis. The variety of the sessions is great – they are never the same so I never have the chance to dread a session….even when you see burpees on the blackboard!

(Since first joining in November 2018 Martin has lost 2.5 stone!)

Martin with his son at FIT FAMILY class

You joined the Road to Health nutrition programme and lost more than a stone over 4 weeks. What did you learn and what did you achieve?

I learnt that my diet wasn’t as bad as I had previously thought. The problem was more to do with portion control and variety. I struggled at first to cut out the sugar and dairy (especially in my morning cup of coffee), but now 7 weeks since I started I am still on black coffee and avoiding excessive amounts of dairy. I am still learning to balance my “treats” on training days and have found the

intermittent fasting as a really good option to assist in my weight control. I managed to lose a decent amount of weight and inches from my waist, but my biggest achievement was that I gained a better understanding of the food that I eat.

Repping his Fit House t-shirt

Can you tell us how you’ve managed to make training part of your routine now?

Fitting training into a busy lifestyle has been one of the hardest challenges. Unfortunately, I usually struggle to make the early morning sessions due to work but I have made a concerted effort to get to four evening sessions a week. The great thing is that as the sessions are 45 minutes long, I can still get back to see my family in the evening.

What do you enjoy most about being part of The Fit House?

The best part of The Fit House is the family feel that it has. There is such a huge variety of ages and fitness levels but everyone has one simple goal and that is to improve. The encouragement each and every member shares with each other is fantastic.



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