Client of the Month – Jess

Client of the Month – Jess

This month we’ve chosen Jess Knight as our client of the month. Jess has been training at The Fit House since January, when she started
on our Road to Health nutrition programme and joined our semi private personal training sessions. A mum of 3 awesome kids, Jess embodies everything that we’re about. Striving to live a healthier, fitter life and making health and fitness a priority for everyone in her family.

Jess turns up ready to work hard and give 100% at every session (and outside of sessions), regardless of what is going on in her life. That hard work is paying off. In her own words, Jess has seen “rapid and visible results”. Not only that but she is now “educated and empowered from a nutrition perspective.”

Jess and her husband Chris have three awesome kids who they also encourage to be active and eat healthily. They often bring the kids along to our kids, teens and family classes. Their son Charlie regularly joins our teens class and as a result has seen a marked improvement to his performance at Drifters rugby club. Not only that, but he is getting less injuries too.

Jess – we love having you and your family as part of The Fit House family! It’s never too much or too stressful. You just turn up and get on with it, giving your best at every PT session, class and with your nutrition. Well done!

We’ve asked Jess to tell you more about her experience at The Fit House.

How and why did you start training at The Fit House?

I had tried a few gyms over the years and had varying levels of success with my fitness and body shape, but was never able to maintain it. I heard about Fit House from a friend and decided to give it a go. The small, boutique, community feel and service offering was a big draw and it’s so different to everything else in the area. The Road to Health programme at the start of 2019 was a fantastic way of kickstarting a new mindset for me.

You mentioned to us that you are finally starting to see results after years of trying, what’s different this time?

I always want to train and I look forward to my sessions. I love that my family can train with me as this is a brilliant way of keeping focused.

How have your family been involved at The Fit House?

We attend a number of weekly sessions with a varied format which keeps exercise fun and challenging.

Jess attends approx 4 sessions each week including semi private PT, Fit Chic classes and our Saturday bootcamp sessions.

What do you enjoy about being part of The Fit House?

Its family focus and sense of community in a relaxed and unpretentious environment. Thank you for bringing your commitment to fitness, health and nutrition for the whole family. You’re changing lives!


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