Client of the Month – Isia

Client of the Month – Isia

We’ve nominated Isia as our client of the month for March! Isia has come a really long way. She has notably improved not only her strength, fitness and got into some fantastic shape, but she has also grown in confidence and happiness. Congratulations Isia. It is well deserved. As a working mum of 4 young children, you’re an inspiration to a lot of people. Keep rocking and don’t worry – those pull ups are coming!

We asked Isia to tell you more about her experience at The Fit House.

What brought you to The Fit House?

Last summer I signed up for my annual membership to the Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club and received a voucher for a free PT session  at The Fit House and a voucher for a burger and drink at the club downstairs. It was nearly the summer so I stored the burger voucher away and booked a session with Frazer.

How did you start out with training and nutrition?

After that 1st session (and the sad realisation that there was no longer a bar upstairs!) I realised that I could get results quickly if I continued training with Frazer. Much as I don’t like to be told what to do, I followed his nutrition advice – checking in with him daily and him pulling me back when I needed to be told. I had to make it sustainable – having 4 kids with picky appetites and a necessity for wine occasionally I couldn’t be as strict as he’d probably like, but it worked for me!

How has your experience and results affected you in ways you wouldn’t expect?

  • I was under the impression (like most people) that if you lift weights you’ll get bulky but I’ve realised that isn’t true. In fact, the opposite – I have really toned up.
  • I didn’t think I was strong (despite lugging around twins) but found that I am!
  • I thought that I would have 6 weeks “off” over summer but Frazer helped me realise that did not need to happen. I was glad in the end when I’d actually lost weight despite still eating some rubbish food and wine that goes hand in hand with the school holidays!How do you manage your training and nutrition around 4 young children?

Training is easy. I just drag them along with me! Sometimes they eat biscuits and watch Netflix but occasionally they work out with me too.

When I started it was summer, I used to go for walks in the evening to get my 15k steps each day. In the winter I had to get more creative and there was a lot of walking on the spot whilst I was watching TV – as long as my legs and arms were moving the steps counted!

In terms of nutrition, I did a lot of research and still do, into foods that are lower in calories, feed my fussy eaters, are nutritious and taste good. I refuse to cook separate meals – apart from on a Friday night when they get oven food trash and I have a steak! Luckily, my husband is a butcher so we get great quality meat.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

When the kids are at school I do semi private PT sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also try to attend the Fit Chick sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. If I can’t get to sessions during the day (and we can work it out with bedtimes etc) I’ll try to get an evening session instead.

How have you found ways to increase your overall activity?

If I can walk somewhere rather than drive I will. I park further away when I go to the shops, unless the kids are with me as they moan too much. I walk to and from the gym and I’m generally aware if I’m not being as active as usual. The kids get involved and are always asking me if I’ve got my steps. Sometimes they wear a Fitbit themselves and compete with me over the day.

What sessions do you enjoy?

I enjoy all the sessions I attend! Robbie’s boxing class is fun, although I always feel sorry for whoever gets paired with me as my coordination isn’t the best!

I really enjoy the semi private personal training sessions and would recommend them to anyone. It’s sometimes tough but working out with like minded people who are all encouraging and celebrate each others achievements is fantastic. I get a tougher, more personalised session and I’ve learnt how to use the weights properly too.

What were your original goals? What are your goals now?

My original goals were very much weight and size related. Now my goals are more performance related.

  • I wanted to fit int a size 12 dress at the end of summer for a wedding which I did.
  • I want to be able to deadlift 100kg (Isia has since completed this and is working towards 120kg)
  • Conquer my nemesis… 3 unassisted pull ups. This one is proving difficult!What do you like about the Fit House?

I like the fact that there’s always someone there to talk to, even If I have freaked Frazer out a few times with my tears and woes! There’s a real family feel and everyone is so friendly and encouraging. There’s a real sense of community there which I love.

How is The Fit House different from other gyms/ fitness clubs you’ve been to?

I have avoided gyms for most of my adult life – I find them intimidating and smelly! Recently I was on a spa break and I popped into their gym (a miracle in itself as I was on holiday and had no business in there as far as I was concerned!). I found it to be just as expected. It was entirely different, no friendly faces welcoming you in, scary machines and a weights area that was mostly occupied by men. I cracked on with a session Rachel had sent me, got a funny comment about lifting heavy from another woman and got out of there as soon as I was done. I immediately felt glad that I used that free PT session voucher and not the burger one last year!

Fit House doesn’t feel like any other gym. I’m not just a number. Frazer, Rachel and Robbie are all genuinely there to help people achieve their goals.

What elements of training/nutrition/lifestyle have you changed since you started at the Fit House?

The main change has been the training type. I used to rely on high intensity cardio sessions to keep my weight down. That only worked to a point. The results from lifting weights have been so much quicker, noticeable and sustainable. I no longer want to be skinny, I want to look strong!

I’m definitely more conscious of my and my family’s nutrition. Being at The Fit House has had a positive effect on my children’s outlook on health and fitness too.

When the cricket training season is on I’m now more likely to be up in a HIIT class than drinking wine with my friends downstairs – although I’ll still join them for a drink afterwards!


NOTE – we wrote this interview and took all photos before the coronavirus lockdown.

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